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Chin Liposuction

Double chin is a common cosmetic complaint, and many are looking for ways to get rid of a double chin. Fat accumulation can occur beneath the jawline very easily in some people. Even if they are not particularly overweight. Many try exercise and diet to loose that double chin without success.

Our chin liposuction procedure is very effective for eliminating and getting rid of excess fat and or loose, sagging skin of the upper neck area. With the newest microcannular liposuction techniques, patients are routinely gratified, have a quick recovery, and return to work much sooner than before.

Tumescent technique liposuction of the chin and neck

The skin incisions now used in liposuction are tiny compared to the very long incisions used in facelift surgery. They heal very rapidly. Small incisions are possible because newer liposuction instruments are very tiny also. In addition, most, or even all, of the incisions are placed where they are very difficult to spot. The liposuction instrument is called a cannula. For chin and neck liposuction, the cannula is usually less than 2mm in diameter, and is not much larger than the lead from a #2 pencil. So, tumescent technique liposuction has become the treatment of choice for eliminating double chin, that is, deposits of fat under the chin.

After chin liposuction surgery

Most patients take 2-3 days off work. But they are easily able to undergo light to moderate activity during that time. There is minimal to moderate swelling and bruising which rapidly subside. This is in contrast to facial surgery – recovery is considerably longer following a facelift.