Tips to Healthy Plastic Surgery Recovery

You probably want plastic surgery recovery to go as well as possible. Recovering from any invasive surgical procedure takes patience and endurance. The amount of these qualities that you will need will depend on the type of surgery that you … more →

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Common Facial Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

There are a number of common facial cosmetic surgery procedures that people seek after they inquire about plastic surgery. If you are interested in making some adjustments to your appearance but want to know more, here are some general ideas … more →

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Recovering from a Mastectomy: What are Your Options

Recovering from a mastectomy or any other plastic surgery is difficult if you do not plan ahead. You should consider both the practical issues that will confront you as well as the more abstract concerns about the next steps in … more →

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Affordable Cosmetic Surgery: What Should You Look For?

Plastic surgery is expensive. It is natural for someone to hunt around for the best deal on a procedure because insurance companies often do not pay for these surgeries. Having to pay out of pocket will inspire anyone to look … more →


Tummy Tuck Preparation: Get Healthy!

The surgeon has an important job in any surgical procedure. However, that does not mean that the patient can excuse him or herself from any responsibility. Certain measures must be taken before any surgery in order to increase the chances … more →

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Male Breast Reduction Surgery

When discussing cosmetic surgeries, male breast reduction surgery often goes unmentioned. People forget that men, too, have breasts and can suffer similar issues that cause discomfort or unhappiness. Most plastic surgeons are aware of the need for this procedure in … more →

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Pregnancy After Breast Augmentation or Reduction

Concerns about pregnancy and breastfeeding risks are common both before and after procedures to augment or reduce breast size. The good news is that the dangers to mother and child are negligible. However, there are some details in regard to … more →

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The Ins and Outs of a Post Bariatric Body Lift

There are a number of ways to lose weight very quickly. However, there are only a limited number of ways to deal with the excess skin that is often left over.  Many people, after heroic efforts to shed pounds and … more →

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What if a Breast Implant Ruptures?

Most people who seek breast implants are naturally curious about the possibility of breast implant ruptures. Urban legends and stories seen on television have inspired concerns about such events. Experts at places such as the Mayo Clinic can calm these … more →

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Breast Feeding After Implants: Is Your Baby at Risk?

A lot of women who are interested in breast implants are also eager to have children and breastfeed them someday. Naturally, they wonder if breast feeding after implants will be possible. Stories have been spread about women’s inability to breastfeed … more →

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